Green Power Usage Effectiveness (GPUE)

Green Power Usage Effectiveness (GPUE) is a measurement parameter in a data center, derived from the widely accepted parameter Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

GPUE measures the proportion of renewable power a data center utilizes, such as solar, wind or hydropower. GPUE is defined as the ratio of the amount of energy used by a data center to the amount of green energy actually generated and delivered to the data center.

GPUE is an important measuring parameter when it comes to sustainability and the environmental impact of data centers, especially as they have a significant impact on the total energy consumption in society. The lower the GPUE value, the more efficiently the data center uses green energy.

G in GPUE stands for the sum of energy or the ratio of energy from all energy sources that are used. The focus here is on the number of kg of Co2 per kilowatt hour that is consumed.

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Green Power Usage Effectiveness (GPUE)

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