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At Green Horizon, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and ensure we can provide them with the best services.

Build to suit

Our build to suit data centers are designed and built according to your wishes and needs, in terms of square meters, access to power, Tier level, security and effective PUE. Perfect if you need a larger dedicated data center with your own setup or tailored solutions to fulfill specific requirements.


Our colocation data centers are the solution for clients who wish to use their own servers or move new equipment into a state of the art data center. Your servers will be implemented in the Green Horizon rack-system which includes cooling. This makes all our colocation clients qualified for our waste heat recovery solution, resulting in removing CO2 which you can withdraw from your climate footprint.

White Space

With our white space service you get a dedicated space in one of our data centers. The space is shaped and technically equipped to provide high uptime according to Tier 3, and a low PUE according to a nordic standard. The white space comes with access to multiple carriers and the possibility of additional replica or backup sites within <1 ms latency.

Our solutions

At Green Horizon we believe the future of green data centers lies in creating sites that offer not only renewable energy, but carbon-negative solutions. This is why we wish to lead the way with green data centers, through our patented solutions for higher energy efficiency and waste heat recovery.

Low energy cost

Norway has one of the lowest prices for electricity in Europe, combined with the cold climate Norway has the ideal location and framework conditions for data centers. The colder weather reduces the amount of cooling needed, resulting in lower power usage. This means that just by choosing to have your data center in Norway rather than somewhere else in Europe you’re able to cut electricity costs. In addition, Green Horizon is equipped with liquid ready cooling infrastructure to take this another step further.

Data center PUE

By choosing Green Horizon you not only get the natural benefits of having data centers in Norway, but also our patented solutions that ensure a low PUE-value. Green Horizon data centers all have a PUE value of 1.1 or lower. The average power usage effectiveness for a data center in Norway is 1.2, whereas in Germany it’s 1.4.

Waste heat recovery

All of our data centers have zero emissions and most of our sites are compatible with our patented waste heat recovery solution. This makes it possible for your data center usage to be carbon-negative.


What differentiates Green Horizon from other data center companies?

There’s multiple companies that offer data centers in Europe, and in Norway. Although having a data center in Norway rather than elsewhere in Europe has benefits of it’s own, Green Horizon offer unique solutions such as low PUE and waste heat recovery.

For more reasons as to why you should choose us, see: “Why Green Horizon?”.

What is PUE?

PUE stands for “Power Usage Effectiveness”, and is a measurement used to assess the energy efficiency of a data center. Ideally this value should be at 1.0, which indicates that all the power used in the data center goes directly to the IT equipment.

To learn more, check out: “Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)”.

What is waste heat recovery?

The term waste heat used to describe the heat generated by a data center. Waste heat recovery refers to the energy exchange where you harness waste heat and transfer the energy to beneficial purposes such as heating homes, schools, and greenhouses.

To learn more, check out: “Waste Heat in a Data Center”.

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