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Green Horizon delivers and operates ultra-modern, cost effective data centers, achieving net negative carbon emissions for customers through innovative waste heat reuse. We offer built to suit solutions with large capacity.

Scale with us, sustainably.

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4 Megawatt

Odin: Tier 3

Removes CO2
PUE: < 1.10
Available: Jan 2025

36 Megawatt

Tor: Tier 3

Removes CO2
PUE: < 1.10
Available: Jun 2025

8 Megawatt

Vidar: Tier 3

Removes CO2
PUE: < 1.10
Available: Jul 2025

48 Megawatt

Heimdal: Tier 3

Removes CO2
PUE: < 1.10
Available: 2026

100 Megawatt

Frigg: Tier 3

Zero emission
PUE: < 1.10
Available: 2026

Why Green Horizon?

Powered land: Green and reliable data centers in Norway – for global businesses

With patented innovative Norwegian technology and 100% energy from renewable resources, Green Horizon has one of the market's most sustainable data center solutions.

Cost effective

With the lowest cost on electricity in Europe and minimal taxation, Norway is an ideal place for cost effective data centers. In additions Green Horizon’s patented solutions ensures low PUE on all our data centers.

100% Renewable energy

To ensure sustainability all of Green Horizon’s data centers are powered by 100% renewable hydropower, making our data centers carbon-neutral.

Customized solutions

Our data centers are built with a modular design approach and are built to suit, making them adaptable to your needs and colocation as well – both today and in the future.

Carbon-negative solutions

Part of Green Horizon’s DNA lies with recycling the energy used to power our data centers. Using innovative Norwegian technology we offer solutions for waste heat recovery, creating carbon-negative data centers.

Secure and dependable

Green Horizon data centers offer solid infrastructure solutions together with our partners. Giving you reliable connectivity possibilities, through high-speed intercontinental fiber cables.

100% Norwegian

Green Horizon is proudly Norwegian in every aspect, from our location, energy and technology all the way to our ownership.

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